What you need to know to be ready for your adventure 

What do you need to do to plan for adventure? Here is your before you go list to make sure you’re ready and raring to go.



  • Take a good look over the trip notes and itinerary that you will have been given. 

  • Familiarise yourself with the length of each days hiking or other activities

  • Look at the trip in total and look at the topography and variations in altitude and terrain


  • Going on an extended multi-day adventure of 6 days or more? Start training a minimum of 12 weeks before your adventure

  • Going on a multi-day adventure of 2-4 days? Start training a minimum of 6 weeks before your adventure

  • Learn the route and terrain that you will be undertaking 

  • Train over similar terrain – hills, stairs, sand, fire trails, scree and loose rocks, rock scrambling. 

  • Engage a trainer or trek training coach to get you in the best physical shape. They will tailor a program to get you ready and achieving your goal and getting maximum enjoyment out of it

  • Practice with your pack and add weight progressively, so you get accustomed to the weight you will need to take with you on your adventure

  • We recommend strength training, core strength training and cross training (Yoga or Pilates) in addition to your trek training to help you tackle extended days and long treks

  • Mentally train too as any multi day trek or adventure will be mentally challenging. Mediation and mindfulness practice are great ways to provide a balanced approach to achieving success for your goals and for expanding your consciousness in life. Try some of the mediations available here: https://www.breathingroom.com/

Don’t want to do it alone? We run regular group and individual training programs that will help you prepare both physically and mentally for your adventure.



  • Your trip notes will include a suggested gear list 

  • Take note of what (if any) items are included in your trip providers list

  • When you’re purchasing items, always buy the best quality you can afford. Quality gear will last longer and be more reliable than ‘cheap and cheerful’ 

  • If you’re travelling with a group, see if you can borrow or share gear

  • Keep your pack as lightweight as possible for multi-day adventures

  • Practice packing everything into your pack and ensure that the weight is balanced

  • Talk with your trip leader if you have any queries 

Follow the Golden Rules of Adventure
  1. Stay Positive

  2. Remember TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

  3. Expect the unexpected

  4. If you have a gripe, handle it discretely or air it politely (don't let it fester!)

  5. Set challenging adventure goals, write them down, train hard, and you will achieve them

  6. Buy quality gear (this will save you money and could save your life)

  7. Don't come home from training or trips tired, be energised and happy

  8. Leave no trace (the wilderness is sacred)

  9. Bring more than you take away (Including chocolate!)

  10. Happy endings guarantee the next leave pass! (this one is secret)

Di Westaway and the Hard-Core Girls of Wild Women On Top

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