Lacing Up for Success!

I would like to bet that those of you who have spent many hours on the trails have at some time in your lives, not always liked how those boots or trail runners fitted. Despite having been expertly fitted in the store by someone who know what they were talking about, or so you were led to believe!

High arch, low or no arch, narrow feet, wide feet, bunions. Im sure we can relate!

No matter what your issue is, we at BUA are pretty sure that some of our tips and those of our mates at You tube can give you a helping hand.




So, we have given the issue of getting a better fit from your hiking boots and runners a solid go.

However what is the best way to deal with blisters. We always like to use prevention rather than cure so here are some of the best ways to prevent these nasties;

  1. Wear Boots or Trail Shoes That Fit Well.

  2. Choose the Right Footwear for your feet

  3. Learn How to Lace for your feet

  4. Wear Wool or Wool blend socks - Le Bent, Falke, Features, Smartwool, Aussie Grit

  5. Choose Socks That are the Right Thickness

  6. Wear a light sock underneath and layer your socks

  7. Consider Toe Socks - Injinji

  8. Tape your feet - Fixomull

  9. Carry blister bandaids - Compeed

If you are looking for the best advice and fit for your trail shoes then look no further than Pace Athletic. The guys and gals there really know their stuff and they pride themselves on service and the right advice. If you are after hiking boots such as ON or HOKA, if they don't have them in store, they will get them in for you.

(Also mention you were referred by us and they might just give you a little extra love at the checkout!)

So if you are heading out on the trails or taking on a new fitness program take their advice;

"Running shoes are the single most important piece of equipment for anyone embarking on a training program. Finding the right shoe can make all the difference to your training - it will work with your natural biomechanics, boosting running efficiency, maximising comfort and support, but more importantly reducing the risk of injury"

Happy trails!

*If you have any additional tips, please feel free to share by emailing us;

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