Fit to Travel....let's get ready!

As I write this we have just had an announcement from our Premier that some COVID restrictions are easing as of 13 September. Yay!! This means that there is some light ahead for us to be able to once again plan some adventures that are beyond our LGA's.

If you have been a little 'stopped' in this recent lockdown period, I get it. It has been vastly different from previous experiences and for some of us more difficult to navigate. However you are still here and if you are reading these words, possibly looking to explore a lot further than we have been recently. Take heart, and lets get ready to tackle these adventures once again.

What do you need to do ?

1. Get out the door, it's often the hardest part! 2. Huff and Puff a lot (not just a little) for at least 45 mins to 1hour 3. Add some weight to your pack 4. Hike, Jog or run up some stairs.

Then book yourself into a trip and some training sessions and we shall get ready together for that adventure.

What is next for BU Adventures. We have an exciting program to the end of the year. Given that we will possibly be restricted to local and regional NSW there are quite a few things we are able to achieve.

  1. Canoeland's Ridge Trail Day Hike - 26th September

  2. Barrenjoey Headland Scramble Half Day Hike - 2nd October

  3. Snow Camping Weekend - 11-13 October

These are all on the website and open for bookings

Itinerary and Gear List - Snow Camping available on request

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