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In 2010, On Running revolutionised the running industry by stepping in with the ambition of change. With one idea in mind, creating soft landings followed by explosive take-offs, On Running has released their latest trail shoe, the Cloudultra, achieving just that.

With Missiongrip as their solid, high-grip rubber through the outsole and Helion superfoam used to provide traction, durability and cushioning, this shoe offers the perfect amount of rebound through your trail runs.

The Cloudultra includes a rock plate, embedded between the outsole and midsole of the shoe, as a way to add further protection from sharp and irregular objects on your trail runs.

Its upper’s construction includes a sock-fit to build a precise fit and superior comfort. The materials used allow cooling airflow with durability and breathability in mind.

Using their latest technology, On Running has implemented a FlipRelease system in the Cloudultra. A gadget that allows you to relieve pressure from swollen feet on your longer runs

So, I have taken the Cloudultra on a number of trail runs, from relatively easy - Narrabeen Lagoon loop 9km, a flat and partly dirt, partly pathway trail. To rocky technical single track including very wet and boggy sections with rock scrambling – Timbergetter’s Track to the Bluff loop over to magazine track and return 12km.

The shoes were extremely stable and responsive over all terrain. The grip initially felt a little lacking, but as I got used to the ride and the feel of the shoe, I was pleasantly surprised when rock scrambling that the grip was firm, and I could ‘trust’ that I wouldn’t slip on the rocks while negotiating that section.

The longest run I have taken these on is 22km and they were superb! Not a blister or hot spot. Breathability and the quick release tab on the lace of the shoes works. It takes the pressure off your forefoot when they get hot or fatigued and need some air.

I thought it was a little bit of a gadget that was more for show – but it’s not!

I would recommend them for people looking at trail fit training and trail running. Light half day hikes or rock scrambling. They would be suitable to take as a back-up on other multi-day hikes but not for remote, very technical or multi day treks.

Thanks to PACE ATHLETIC for supply of the shoes and their support of BU Adventures

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