Are you craving adventure? 

There’s a reason why we crave adventure. Why our wanderlust goes into overdrive, and we yearn for new places and new experiences. We need it. We aren’t designed for the constant stress and pressure that our overscheduled lives create. 


We need to pause. We need time to wonder. We need to experience awe – and nature allows this. These moments open our minds and give us the space we need to hear our own voice, the voice that is too often drowned out by the noise of our lives. But better yet, these moments give us the perspective we really need – the reminder of how small we really are in the scheme of things, and that is where true meaning, clarity and priority is found.


Whether you want to gain perspective, see new places, discover your abilities, forge new relationships, achieve a goal, tick a place off your bucket list, improve your health or simply unplug, our tailored experiences and adventures will give you this and more.


From the summit to the sea and every place in between, BU Adventure will help you escape into nature for part, all day or multi-day experiences that will satisfy your appetite for adventure. Whether you want to hike, kayak, sail, ski, or trail run, we’ll provide the space and opportunity for you to BU.

Want less ordinary and more extraordinary?

If you have ever asked the question, “isn’t there more to life than this?” then you are in the right place. Spoiler alert – there is, and we can’t wait to show you!

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With the right combination of challenge and relaxation, our bucket list worthy adventures will provide lifelong memories. Explore our destinations and activities.


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Packed your bags and ready to go? We love your enthusiasm! We have regular adventures booked from the summit to the sea. Explore our adventure calendar.



Is the spirit willing, but the body needs a little help? We can help you with that too! We provide world-class training to get you in peak condition for adventures.

Meet your trainer, guide, mentor and cheerleader 

Maryanne Spiers knows a thing or two about adventure. She was an Olympic downhill skier, the first female professional lifeguard in Australia and a World Champion Triathlete. She has completed expeditions to The Haute Route in France, Mt Blanc, Three Peaks and Cape to Cape in Australia and more recently the New York Marathon, Ultra-Trail Australia and The Haute Craigieburn on Mountain Touring Skis in New Zealand!


Now, she’s dedicated her life to coaching, mentoring and training women to find a healthier place for themselves, seek out challenges and find the exuberance of life.